Allen’s Haunted Hayride and The Tavern of Terror Presents:
Woodcrest Asylum

In the early 1700’s, when farmland and dense woods stretched as far as the eye could see, there stood a solitary building. Shadowed and ghostly, even in its prime, the feeling of malice and terror overshadowed any structural beauty that the stone behemoth may have had. Woodcrest Asylum, a monument on its own, seemed to have an almost life like presence, but one that was shrouded in misery and despair. And in this edifice of fear is where our story begins.

An asylum, as we know them today, is a type of hospital, meant to house and help those that are mentally impaired. That was not the case in the time of Woodcrest. The asylum at that point, was where families would abandon their loved ones that they no longer wanted to deal with. Their ailments ranged from alcoholism to hiccups, all being diagnosed as a type of hysteria. In charge of treatment for these lost souls was Dr. Elias Barnes. A doctor of brilliant practice, and genius intellect, was easily more insane than any of the patients that had ever dwelled those forsaken hallways.

Dr. Barnes believed that he could cure all ailments, using both science and black magic experimentation. His philosophy was that magic is just science that has not yet been figured out. His experimentation had for years left his patients dead, if they were the lucky ones, but mostly mangled, lobotomized, and sent deeper into insanity than most people could fathom to imagine.

After years of his torturous experimentation, word had gotten out of his ungodly treatments. This sparked an uprising with the families of the patients, calling for his termination, as well as his execution.

To this day, no one knows what really happened at the asylum, besides the fact that it was burnt, leaving a shell, and a scar of a reminder of the horrendous, vile, and evil acts that were performed there. There were no survivors, and though most of the bodies that were recovered were burnt beyond recognition, the legend goes that Dr. Barnes did not escape, but instead, used his black magic to keep his soul, as well as the souls of his patients, trapped in that nightmare for eternity, so that he may continue his experiments until the end of time.

Woodcrest Asylum once sat on the very spot where the Tavern of Terror currently resides, leaving behind the tormented souls of those tortured, and the soul of the insane doctor, Elias Barnes, to haunt the premises, and continue to search for new souls to add to his collection of the insane. If you are brave enough to explore these remains, you may be one of the unlucky that gets trapped there for eternity with the tortured and damned, left to be experimented on for eons to come.

Enter at your own risk, and don’t say that you weren’t warned.

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As you stroll through our 3500 square foot haunted walk through you will see a variety classic horror, ranging from Frankenstein to Dracula to Carnivale to an alien invasion!!

We have a little bit everything in our Tavern of Terror to rattle your bones!

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